Bigger Than Barclay

Our Childhood Apraxia of Speech Journey

Our ADHD Journey

Our Autism Journey

Burn Your Parenting Books: Why Traditional Parenting Won’t Work With Children With Developmental Disabilities

Sixty to Zero: Our Unique Bedtime Routine

Using Sign Language to Help Move Your Child Along the Language Continuum

Eating with Autism: The Happy Dance

The Outdoor Classroom: A Visit to the Park Can Be a Brain Booster for Developmentally Delayed Toddlers

Making Screen Time Interactive for Children with Developmental Delays

A Trip to the Supermarket Can Be So Much More Than a Trip to the Supermarket!

Using Video to Create Social Stories

Creating Your Child’s Childhood

An Apology Letter to My Former Students

What Parents of Children with Disabilities Wish You Knew

Using ABA Strategies at Home: Part 1 – ABC Data Collection

Using ABA Strategies at Home: Part 2 – Analyzing the Data

It Takes a Village: Get Your Hands Dirty and Build It From the Ground Up

Mommy, Cookie Publix, Please!

Planning & Preparing for Excursions

A Letter of Thanks to My Son’s Autism Center

Genetic Testing Using “Genesight”

A Christmas Meltdown Turns Into Christmas Miracle

Overcoming Apraxia

Interoceptive Awareness: The Eighth Sense and Autism

The Vestibular System: The Seventh Sense and Autism

My Autism Story

We Survived & Thrived: Why Vacations & Time Spent With Family is so Important for Children on the Spectrum, Even if It’s Difficult

The Bystander, The Mother & The Son

How to Have a Successful Birthday Party for a Kids on the Autism Spectrum

To My New Insurance Company From a Mother of a Son with Autism

Scripting is My Son’s Super Power

Please Don’t Minimize My Son’s Autism

The 21st Annual Family Cafe: Connecting Resources to the Special Needs Community

A Letter of Thanks to My Son’s Hairstylist

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