In a recent episode of the Big Abilities podcast, I talked about the importance of open-ended toys and a screen-free play area. Podcast 16: The Importance of Open-Ended, Fantasy & Creative Play. Here I am going to list some of the furniture and toys Barclay has in his playroom. It was such a fun space to put together. Even if you don’t have a spare room to use as a playroom, find an area of your home where you can create a screen-free play zone and fill it with open-ended toys! If there are any items I didn’t list you are curious about let me know!

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IKEA Kallax Shelving

KidKraft Metropolis Train Table & Set

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart & Fresh Mart Accessories

Large Magnetic Chalkboard with Tray

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set

Melissa & Doug Latches Barn Toy

Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Wooden Rescue Vehicle & Garage Toy

Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage

Constructive Playthings Toys Ultra Bright LED Light Panel

Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow Blocks

Click the link below for more amazing Melissa & Doug toys. You can find the Fresh Mart grocery store on their website.

Melissa and Doug


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