Amy Nielsen – Blogger, Podcaster, Freelance Writer, Parent Advocate, Early Intervention Specialist

Hey There!

I am a former educator of seventeen years. My educational background includes teaching second grade, elementary media specialist, middle school television production teacher and middle school media specialist.

After my fourth child was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, I left my full-time teaching career so I would have the flexibility to meet the demands of this special parenting role.

Currently, I run the Big Abilities Blog and Podcast. I am also a freelance writer for Playground Magazine , contributing author at The Mighty. author of the book It Takes a Village: Get Your Hands Dirty and Build Yours From the Ground Up  and Parent Advocate and Early Intervention Specialist at Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children.

When I am not busy writing or podcasting, my family and I enjoy traveling, sports, and the wonderful weather in our home state of Florida.

Current Experience

Big Abilities – Blogger and Podcaster
I started the Big Abilities blog and podcast to offer support and a community to parents of children impacted by developmental disabilities such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children – Parent Advocate and Early Intervention Specialist
At Collaborative Corner I offer support to families of exceptional children by helping to bridge the gap between families and the services they need and assist families with young children in helping to get diagnosis and early intervention.

The Mighty – Contributing Author
I contribute content to the The Mighty that I believe can have a national impact on families impacted by developmental disabilities.

Playground Magazine – Freelance Writer
I write articles for Playground magazine that appeal to Central Florida families covering a broad range of topics from female entrepreneurs to local businesses to personal interest stories.

Partner With me

I’d love to come to your next event, fundraiser or be a guest on your podcast! Here are some topics I can discuss.

  • Early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the importance of early intervention
  • How families of special needs children can build a support system
  • Why funding is so necessary for programs that support autism intervention
  • Why it is important to not only focus on children with special needs struggles but also their strengths
  • How to find balance in your life when you are the parent of a special needs child
  • The importance of self-care for families of special needs children
  • How to find not just the right resources but the best resources for children with special needs
  • Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies at home

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