If you’ve ever had to explain autism to a child, you know it can be very difficult. Autism is very complex. But if you have a child with autism you’ve probably had to do just that. Maybe it was explain autism to your child’s sibling, or a cousin, or a friend.

And to make it even more challenging. There aren’t a lot of resources to help. So I created one for you. I took the familiar fairy tale of Goldilocks and gave her many of the characteristics and traits that someone on the autism spectrum might exhibit.

Initially, this was available as a downloadble PDF on my website, by I am happy to announce that I’ve partnered with AAPC Publishing and Goldilocks is now available both at AAPC Publishing and on Amazon.

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“Goldilocks has Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD. ASD means she sees the world a little differently. Things must be a certain way, or shebecomes uncomfortable. She doesn’t understand how dangerous somethings can be, like wandering away from her parents. Or that there aresome things you shouldn’t do, like walking into someone’s home without knocking. We must be careful to keep her safe. Today taught us that even more.”

-Goldilocks’ Mom to Baby Bear