Check out my more than 20 articles from a broad range of topics related to parenting children with developmental disabilities.

Check out my article “How Using Choices Can Increase Compliance” which gives some great practical tips any parent can easily implement.
I had the pleasure of writing “Party Planning for Children With Autism” for this Canada-based publication.
A few years ago I had some fun writing children’s stories about kids in my family. You can read them here for free!

In addition to writing blog posts on a variety of topics for Collaborative Corner, I also serve as a Parent Advocate and Early Intervention Specialist.

Autisable is a community-based website to connect people who want to discuss topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Feedspot is the content reader for reading all your favorite websites in one place.

I recently published an article in Autism Parenting Magazine about early intervention and how to find the best resources.

Yahoo frequently shares articles written for other publications such as The Mighty.
I have been freelancing for this central Florida publication for a few years. Topics range from early diagnosis and early intervention to highlighting local entrepreneurs.

MSN frequently shares articles written for other publications such as The Mighty.
Scary Mommy is a wonderful platform where real people share real stories. Check out my author page by clicking the icon above.

Strauss Academia’s blog series “Autism Edge” offers parents a holistic approach at helping their child.

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