Sally’s Room, Written and Illustrated by M.K. Brown, Narrated by Amy Nielsen

I speak with parents all the time about optimizing their home environment to help their exceptional needs family thrive. Often I use the children’s book, Sally’s Room, written by M. K. Brown, as an example of why an organized and tidy environment is so important for our children with exceptional needs.

Back in the 90’s, I was a children’s librarian at an elementary school. During a Scholastic Book Fair, I discovered Sally’s Room, and the charming story has stayed with me ever since.

I recently reached out to Ms. Brown to share with her how her book is continuing to impact families, including those of us with children who have exceptional needs. It was an honor to speak with her, and I was thrilled to hear the story behind Sally’s Room. Maybe one day I can get her on my podcast to share that with you!

So today, I’ve decided to read Sally’s Room to you! I encourage you to watch it for yourself, then share it with your child. Pay close attention to the difference in Sally’s demeanor from the beginning of the story when she is getting ready for school to the end when she is going to sleep. I know how Sally feels at the end is how we all want our kids to feel – and it is possible!

I hope you enjoy! Oh, by the way, please support Ms. Brown buy visiting her website, checking out some of her amazing illustrations, and of course, purchasing a copy of Sally’s Room! I am sure this timeless book will quickly become a bedtime story favorite in your home as it has in mine!

As Sally put each thing away, the room began to fill big again. It was a place where anything could happen. Especially dancing! – Sally’s Room, M. K. Brown

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Amy Nielsen

Amy Nielsen is a former children's librarian of nearly twenty years. She now spends most of her time obsessively pounding on a keyboard. She is the author of It Takes a Village: How to Build a Support System for Your Exceptional Needs Family, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her upcoming YA Worth it debuts in May of 2024. She is also a freelance writer for The Autism Helper. When she's not writing, she and her family are most likely crusing the waters of Tampa Bay.