My Conversation with Mitja Mavsar, Co-Founder of Speech Blubs

Back in 2017, when my son was first diagnosed with a speech delay, while we waited for speech therapy to begin, I searched for as many resources as possible to help him at home. One of the first resources I found was an app called Speech Blubs.

Speech Blubs caught my attention, and my young son’s because instead of abstract graphics or images the program featured real children modeling speech. I thought this was not only brilliant but effective. I was also appreciative that a program existed to help me help my son. No child should have to wait for services to begin to receive the support they need. That early intervention stage is too valuable to waste waiting. Thanks to Speech Blubs, parents don’t have to.

Mitja Mavsar co-founded Blub, Blub back in 2016. Since then, Blub Blub has launched Speech Blubs and Reading Blubs. Both apps provide parents smart screen time for young children. Speech Blubs, launched in 2017, has already helped millions of children worldwide, including my own, who have speech delays due to developmental disabilities such as Apraxia, Down Syndrome, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My son eventually went on to be diagnosed with Apraxia, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am grateful for people, like Mitja and his team, who have dedicated their lives to helping parents like me, help children like my son, find their voice.

I encourage you to not only listen to our conversation, but to check out both Speech Blubs and Reading Blubs and sign up for your free trial today!

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Amy Nielsen lives in Orlando, Florida. She is the proud mother of four children ranging in age from 5-33! She and her husband, Brent enjoy sports and traveling. Amy is a former teacher with nearly 20 years of experience, a freelance writer, and a special needs advocate. Her mission is to help educate and empower families of children with disabilities to focus on their child's interests and strengths.