Podcast 26: My Guest Appearance on “I Used to Be a Therapist” with Wendy Bruton

I was honored to be a guest on Wendy Bruton’s “I Used to Be a Therapist” podcast. In her podcast, Wendy interviews people that have gone through big changes, the challenges those changes can bring and the wisdom gained through them. She has an excellent show and it was such a joy to share my message with her audience!

Click here to listen to my guest appearance on Wendy Bruton’s podcast “I Used to Be a Therapist”

We talk about my book It Takes a Village: Get Your Hands Dirty and Build Yours From the Ground Up!

We also talk about my good friend, Bethanne Weiss’ book Move Your Assets From the Chair Not the Bank

And a little about Wendy’s book as well Essentially Better

I also give a shout out to my former principal and friend, Mr. Bill Miller. In my years as an educator, Mr. Miller taught me two things that have helped shape who I am today in regards to how I parent my son.

  1. Children don’t have time to wait for us to figure it out. They need us to be able to meet them where they are now and provide them the tools today they need to help them grow.
  2. Despite the challenges they may face, they also deserve you to love them unconditionally in the process.

Thanks, Mr. Miller, your leadership extends way beyond the classroom.

Don’t tell me you believe all children can learn. Tell me what you do when they don’t. – Dr. Richard DuFour

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Amy Nielsen lives in Orlando, Florida. She is the proud mother of four children ranging in age from 5-33! She and her husband, Brent enjoy sports and traveling. Amy is a former teacher with nearly 20 years of experience, a freelance writer, and a special needs advocate. Her mission is to help educate and empower families of children with disabilities to focus on their child's interests and strengths.