Pod 14: Using Positive Reinforcement to Improve Behavior

In this episode, I share how using positive reinforcement for children with autism can help improve problem behavior. Next, we talk about what is different between “reinforcement” (positive) and bribery (negative). Finally, we provide some practical tips on how parents might implement more of these techniques to create better habits around problem behaviors.

Tips for Using Reinforcers

  • Choose reinforcers that are highly preferred and motivating to your child.
  • The reinforcer must be contingent and delivered quickly and consistently.
  • The reinforcer should match the behavior.
  • Pair all tangible reinforcers with praise.
  • Once success is seen over a period of time begin to fade the reinforcer by delaying delivery and/or the frequency.

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Amy Nielsen is a former children's librarian of nearly twenty years. She now spends most of her time obsessively pounding on a keyboard. She is the author of It Takes a Village: How to Build a Support System for Your Exceptional Needs Family, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her upcoming YA Worth it debuts in May of 2024. She is also a freelance writer for The Autism Helper. When she's not writing, she and her family are most likely crusing the waters of Tampa Bay.