I am so glad you’ve decided to share your child’s story on the Big Abilities podcast “Their Stories” series! Here is what you need to do next!

Step 1:

Click below to select a date and time for your interview. Currently, all interviews are done on Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Check out my calendar to pick a date and time for your interview!

Step 2:

You’ll select either Zencastr or Zoom for your interview.

  • Zencaster (my preferred option) – You’ll need either a Google Chrome or Firefox browser. You will also need headphones and a microphone. It is best to record in a small, carpeted room. I will email you a link approximately 15 minutes prior to recording.
  • Zoom – You will be sent an email with an invite approximately 15 minutes prior to recording. You can join via your computer also with headphones and a microphone or your phone using earbuds that have a microphone. I prefer to not simply use the phone itself but we can also do that as an option. If you decide to use your phone, download the app ahead of time.

Step 3:

Download the “Their Stories” episode format PDF either by clicking the link below or by downloading it directly from the Calendly site where you book the interview so you have an idea of what we will be talking about.

Their Stories Episode Format

Step 4:

Send me your email so I can request photos of your awesome family to include in the show notes!