How Bendy Helped My Autistic Son Cope With Hurricane Ian

Florida offers its residents hundreds of miles of warm sandy beaches, an abundance of oceans, lakes, and swimming pools to keep cool and thrilling theme parks. But there is a tradeoff to this lush, tropical paradise—hurricanes. And while hurricanes are stressful for anyone living within the cone of trajectory, for individuals with autism, the disruptionsContinue reading How Bendy Helped My Autistic Son Cope With Hurricane Ian

The Barclay Show Episode One

Barclay has been watching YouTubers for years, so when he asked me to help him record his first video, I was happy to help. While we have lots to learn about quality, I’m confident we will get here in time. Barclay wants all children with autism to know they can do ANYTHING!

Pod 04: Defining Your New Norm

In this episode, I share what it’s like to have a child with developmental disabilities who has ADHD or Autism. You more than likely will need to redefine normal for your family in order to accommodate them and be the best parent you can be! how having a child with a developmental disability, such as ADHD or Autism, means that you more than likely will have to redefine what normal looks like for your family.Continue reading Pod 04: Defining Your New Norm