The following are a wide variety of my published works.  Including an article on Early Intervention, a book I co-authored when I used to teach video production and some humorous children’s books I wrote about real kids.

To The Students Whose Learning Differences I Didn’t Understand


This is an edition of a blog post I wrote that was published on the popular site, “The Mighty.”



Bethanne Weiss, aka “The Asset Queen”


This article, written for Playground magazine, is a profile of fitness and health guru Bethanne Weiss who happens to not only be my friend, but the person who helps me stay fit so I have the energy and stamina to be the best mom I can to my family.



Diagnosing Developmental Disabilities: Early Intervention is Key

playgroundThis article, written for Playground magazine, shares information about red flags to look for in very young children and then what to do about it.  Resources for the Orlando area community are included.  In addition, three families share their stories.



Breastfeeding My Way Through Menopause


This article, written for Playground magazine, is a humorous take on what it’s like to go through menopause while raising an infant.




Teaching The Video Production Class: Beyond the Morning Newscast

tvThis guidebook is a must-have resource for anyone teaching a television production class or running a morning news show at the elementary, middle, or high school level.



Barclay the Boss Baby

boss babyIn this realistic fiction story, Barclay enjoys bossing his family around. But sometimes being a baby is better than being a boss.




2 Boys + 2 Countries = Friends 4 Ever

2 boysIn this comical biography, Barclay & Coast have a lot in common. They both share the same birthday. In addition their Dads are both Canadian and their Moms are both American. Aside from that they are both just really cool kids!



Tyler Learns to Ride a Bike

Tyler Rides a BokeIn this realistic fiction story, Tyler is good at a lot of things, but he is having trouble learning to ride a bike. He thinks he will never learn and gives up. He soon realizes sometimes all you need is a little patience!



Sports, Sports & More Sports

Sports, SportsIn this realistic fiction story, Connor loves sports so much that he signs up for every sport his teacher mentions. He is so over scheduled he has no time for anything else. So he quits all sports and becomes very sad. He eventually realizes he needs sports in his life to be happy and he learns how to compromise, well kind of!


Gage Runs Out of Time

GageIn this realistic fiction story, Gage spends all of his time playing video games until one day he actually runs out of time and has none left.



The Unexpected Play

unexpeted playIn this realistic fiction story, Maddox loves football and hopes to be the hero of the game with his new play “Mad Max.” However, the game turns out differently than he had planned.