November 15, 2018

My son’s therapy center called and wanted me to come in to discuss his dietary progress. I was nervous to show up feeling like things were about the same as before.  In my last journal entry, October 17, 2018,  I was almost ready to give up and just follow his lead in his eating habits.  However, I did make two small changes. I just didn’t realize those changes were actually having some pretty significant impacts.

One is I stopped letting him snack as often.  After I collected the first round of data in his food journal I noticed how often he’d snack.  I’d make him a plate of his highly preferred foods and just sit it out for him to nibble on hoping to get just a few calories in.  I realized this may be having a huge impact on how hungry he was at mealtime.  I also decided to cut out the morning Pediasure on the weekends when we had more time for a proper breakfast and cut out the after nap Pediasure.  Well, two things happened.  One, he started eating more and two, some of his previous moderately preferred foods became highly preferred!

I didn’t notice either of these successes until after the center called requesting the follow-up meeting.  I imported the second round of data from his food journal into my spreadsheet to bring with me.  When I noticed the improvements I was so pleased!

His therapists said these accomplishments were definitely a step in the right direction.  Small successes lead to bigger successes.  They also told me to start sending in with his lunch things like a soft piece of bread cut into fours and spread each with something different such as peanut butter, butter, jam, etc.  I did that the next day and actually made a small sandwich out of two of the quarters and to my surprise he ate one bite.  Again, we celebrate the small successes!

It is definitely a slow going process, but seeing some success gives me hope!  My son is healthy, and that is paramount, but I certainly will continue to keep helping him work to overcome his restrictive eating. I look forward to the day this isn’t a problem for him anymore.  I don’t know how long that will take, but I finally see light at the end of the tunnel!