Bruce bakingBruce tracksThis is Bruce.  He is 5 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a speech delay and seizures.  Bruce loves the movies Wall-E and Chipwrecked.  His favorite foods are pizza, popsicles, bacon and, his mom happily reports, all fruits and veggies.  Bruce is a little ninja warrior in training because he loves to swim and climb.  His favorite video games are Plants versus Zombies 1 & 2.  Bruce has a lot of big abilities.  First, he can cook!  He taught himself watching YouTube videos.  He also is an expert at building complex train tracks as well as domino and marble runs.  Perhaps engineering is in Bruce’s future!  But Bruce has other big abilities!  Even though Bruce has difficulties with conversational speech, singing comes easy for him and through song he learns to do new things.  Bruce also recently got a new best friend, a puppy he named Wall-E!  Bruce is one cool kid!