My Recent Conversation with Tiffany Johnson, Author of “Brave Enough Now.”

I recently had a conversation with Tiffany Johnson, author of the book “Brave Enough Now” on her “When We are Brave” podcast. To listen, check out the “When We Are Brave” podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or you can stream it from Spotify at this bottom of this page.

Tiffany, a survivor of a canyoning disaster where 21 young people died, knows firsthand how pain, loss, and depression feel. After her accident, it was years before Tiffany realized that she was not honoring those that lost their lives by not living hers. So she decided to stop living in fear and to start living her best and bravest life.

Tiffany now interviews people from across the globe about what living a brave life means for them. Her podcast is full of tips and tricks to help everyone live their best and bravest life.

Tiffany also has an upcoming event, The Festival of Brave, this Friday, November 21st! During the virtual event, Tiffany will be doing a live Q&A with war veteran, Sarah Turner on limiting beliefs, there will also be meditation, yoga, and tea-leaf reading. The festival includes a downloadable workbook and more! It is truly going to be an event where participants will learn how they can live their best and bravest life!

On a rainy day in July 1999, 21 young people lost their lives in the infamous Saxetenbach Gorge Swiss Canyoning Disaster. I should have been one of them.

But I survived.

I had begun my travels in search of adventure, only to find myself on the run from a toxic relationship. I escaped on a European tour where I began to put the missing puzzle pieces of myself back together and how to trust again, rebuilding my faith in love and friendship – only to be plunged into a world of new dangers by what happened in the gorge that fateful day.

From little girl lost to lioness.

I am “brave enough now”.

Tiffany Johnson

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My conversation with Tiffany Johnson on the “When We Are Brave” podcast.

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