Collaborative Corner For Exceptional Children’s Get Started VPK At-Home Guide

In the special needs community, I am now wearing two hats. One is my blog and podcast at Big Abilities, the other is my role at the non-profit organization Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children where I serve as Early Intervention Specialist and Parent Advocate. This summer we decided to create a program for the VPK students of our state who were not being offered a distance-learning option. I will be using this same program with my own 5-year-old autistic son and couldn’t be more excited to get started – tomorrow! Below you will find the introduction to our program as well as a link to download the entire guide FOR FREE! You can also join our Facebook group “Collaborative Corner’s At-Home VPK Community” for continued support during this upcoming school year.

At Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children, one of our missions is to serve the immediate needs of our clients.

Because of COVID-19, some of our VPK student’s families do not feel comfortable sending their children to a brick and mortar campus at this time. With no distance learning option offered to these students, our families began to share with us their concerns that their children would be missing this vital window of opportunity to gain Kindergarten-readiness skills, so we got to work.

Within just a few weeks, our team at Collaborative Corner created the Getting Started VPK At-Home Guide, utilizing the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, which are evidence-based standards created and identified by a panel of state and national experts.

Our goal is that the Getting Started At-Home VPK Guide has delivered to your family hope that your child can and will continue to gain the essential skills necessary to prepare them for Kindergarten.

We created the guide to help you get started in building a program that fits your family’s unique needs while utilizing the excellent starting point the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards created.

In this guide, you will find a sample schedule and week of activities, a template for you to utilize for the weeks ahead, as well as more suggested activities broken down by each of the eight domains with helpful links for moving forward.

Getting Started VPK At-Home Guide

Please feel free to reach out to any of our panelists at Collaborative Corner if you need more assistance moving forward. We will be here with you every step of the way!

Collaborative Corner for Exceptional Children

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