Keeping Children With Special Needs Safe at Home with Child Senior Safety

When you have little ones, the most important step you can take to keep them safe at home is baby-proofing. As inconvenient as electric outlet plugs, cabinet latches, and baby gates can be for adults, these safety measures are musts as babies develop into curious toddlers. Then as toddlers mature into preschoolers, these safety precautions become less needed. However, if you have a child who has a physical, cognitive or developmental disability as they age, it is often necessary to add even more layers of safety to your home. Thankfully, Child Senior Safety is here to help!

What is Child Senior Safety?

Child Senior Safety is an Orlando-based professional home safety company run by Bob Dane. The mission of Child Senior Safety is to provide parents the peace of mind of knowing they have chosen the best solutions in creating a safe environment for their children. They also offer solutions for any family member that requires extra safety precautions, such as seniors or those with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Child Senior Safety’s BackStory

Bob got the idea to start Child Senior Safety 15 years ago when his daughter-in-law who had just become a new mother, suggested it. Becoming a Grandfather was motivation enough to send him on a mission to ensure all children live in a safe home. He started the company and then joined the International Association for Child Safety, a national network of child safety and baby proofers.

Services Offered

Free In-Home or Remote Consultation

Bob offers his customers free in-home or remote consultations. He conducts a thorough walk-through via in-person or video call and suggests recommendations based on the unique dangers presented in each home. Bob then creates a customized plan for his clients, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Safety Installations

Child Senior Safety only uses top quality materials and products to make certain your home is as safe as possible. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Customized Gates (Indoor and Out)
  • Cabinet/Drawer/Door Locks
  • Appliance/Electric Safety
  • Furniture Safety
  • Pool Gates/Safety
  • Grab Bars
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • CPR Training
  • Banister Safety Wall
    • Child Senior Safety’s patent-pending banister safety walls are perfect for balconies, staircases, and open second-level lofts. They customize to each home’s decor to seamlessly blend in while also keeping children, including pets, safe. The Banister Safety Walls can be shipped nationwide.

Our Family’s Experience

Child Senior Safety has been instrumental in helping us to create a safe home environment for my 5-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum. The first time I contacted Bob was for an initial consultation when my son was just learning to crawl, and I continue to reach out to him frequently as our son gets older and the hazards within our home change.

Bob has added several safety measures to our home, including safety gates in multiple areas, cabinet latches, bolting tall furniture to walls, and a pool fence. Most recently, he installed safety latches on all exterior doors as a precaution to prevent eloping, which is children leaving a safe and supervised environment. And while nothing is a substitute for the watchful eyes of a parent, Bob has helped to create layers of safety within our home, and this has helped to ease the constant state of alert we as parents of special needs children often experience.

We also hosted Bob in our home (pre-COVID) to teach an infant and child CPR class to us and a few other families with small children. I will forever be grateful because a few weeks later, I was home alone with my son, and he began to choke. I had no idea what he was choking on, but I knew what to do because of Bob. Terrified but confident, I flipped him over and quickly delivered five life-saving back blows. Within seconds a dislodged penny lay on the floor. I’ll never forget the intense emotion of both overwhelming relief juxtaposed alongside the fear of what-if. What if I hadn’t known what to do? But thanks to Bob, I did.

What is Bob’s main message to parents? “Don’t take any chances.” He urges parents that making their home safe should be a proactive approach. You don’t know what your child is capable of until after it has happened.

I encourage you to reach out to Bob if you have a young toddler, a child with special needs or an elderly family member living in your home. There is nothing more important than keeping our loved ones safe!

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Don’t take any chances. – Bob, Child Senior Safety

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