The Maxtrix Bed by Maxwood Furniture

A few weeks before my son’s fifth birthday, I tiptoed into his room one morning. He lay curled on the tiny toddler bed he was rapidly growing out of. Right then I knew the perfect gift for him—a new big boy bed.

Armed with plans to create a sensory-friendly space underneath, I eagerly hunted for a solid-wood low loft bed. Because my son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, a cozy space for him to self-regulate was important to me. Impacted also by ADHD, he’s a rambunctious little guy. So I also needed to find a sturdy bed with safety features such as high guardrails and a staircase entry instead of a ladder.

I scoured online furniture retailers, looked at hundreds of beds, and read thousands of reviews. It never failed; each time I found a bed I loved, grim reviews revealed missing pieces, poor customer service, or not very well-built. I was beginning to believe the perfect bed existed only in my imagination.

Next, I turned to local retailers which would mean I could examine beds in person rather than relying on photos and customer reviews. I visited every retailer in my area and again, nothing met my expectations.

I shifted my approach a third time. Rather than researching online and local retailers, I researched manufacturers. Jackpot! That’s when I found Maxwood Furniture.

Maxwood Furniture, founded in 2005 by Stephen Jensen and later joined by his wife, Anne, builds quality children’s furniture designed to be safe and functional. Their Maxtrix bed starts with what they call the Core System Bed. The Core System Bed can be customized by adding features such as low loft, high loft, bunk, staircase, ladder, or a slide. Using quality hardwood, Maxtrix beds can withstand up to 800 pounds and feature 16″ guardrails exceeding industry safety standards. In addition to its superior products, Maxwood also provides exemplary customer service.

My son loves his new bed. Each night our family snuggles underneath it in the cozy sensory space full of fluffy floor pillows and bathed in soft lighting. My husband and I take turn reading our son’s current favorite bedtime story Green Eggs and Ham. After hugs and kisses, the little guy climbs the sturdy staircase up to his bed, where he sleeps peacefully and, most importantly, safely.

Thank you, Maxwood Furniture. In our world, even something as simple as a bed can make all the difference.


Maxwood Furniture

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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The Maxtrix Bed System

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