The Barclay Show Episode One

Barclay has been watching YouTubers for years, so when he asked me to help him record his first video, I was happy to help. While we have lots to learn about quality, I’m confident we will get here in time. Barclay wants all children with autism to know they can do ANYTHING!

World Autism Acceptance Day 2022

Happy World Autism Day! As the mother of an autistic son, I appreciate the world taking a day to honor what life is like for families like mine. Because, from education to the community to home, life with autism differs from life without.

Minimizing a Saliva Obsession in Children With Autism

If you are the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder obsessed with their saliva, you must be frustrated! Not only is the world still in the midst of a global pandemic transmitted primarily through respiratory droplets, but playing with saliva is also messy and socially unacceptable. My autistic son is six years old,Continue reading Minimizing a Saliva Obsession in Children With Autism