My Autism Diagnosis Story

My name is Barclay. I am four years old and have Autism Spectrum Disorder. My mom is going to tell you the story of my diagnosis. I need to share this because I hope all children who have autism can get the help they need to be happy like me!

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Burn Your Parenting Books: Why Traditional Parenting Won’t Work With Children With Developmental Disabilities

Amy describes how liberating it was for her when she stopped reading parenting books and started parenting her son the way he needed to be parented.

Have I gotten your attention?  I don’t really mean to burn them, but what I do mean is stop reading them, and here’s why. Continue reading “Burn Your Parenting Books: Why Traditional Parenting Won’t Work With Children With Developmental Disabilities”

Sixty to Zero: Our Unique Bedtime Routine

Amy shares her and her husband’s unique way of preparing their son for bed and challenges parents to look at their child’s evening routine and see if it’s working.

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Bigger than Barclay

Amy Nielsen shares what inspired her to start the blog “Big Abilities” and explains her hope to help shift the mindset in families who have children with developmental disabilities to focusing on their child’s strengths in addition to their struggles.

Bigger Than BarclayWhat if all day, every day, you were forced to focus on what you struggle with?  What if you had to spend hours and hours trying to get better at something you have no interest in?  What if the people around you were continuously talking about your weaknesses?  Unfortunately, this is the space where so many children with developmental disabilities live. Continue reading “Bigger than Barclay”