A Christmas Meltdown Turns Into Christmas Miracle

Amy shares how a holiday meltdown turned into a holiday miracle.

Christmas came and went.  It was a little overwhelming for my ADHD/ASD child.  He is 3 1/2 and it took him a while to understand that gifts were for opening.  He’d open one and just want to play with it.  Then once he understood the concept it was as if he had to open every gift in overdrive.  It was chaotic at times.  He is used to not having access to many toys as we keep them in bins in a closet.  We attempt the one bin in, one bin out rule.  So having toys everywhere for a few days did dysregulate him.  However, had a little dysregulation been our only holiday challenge, we could have easily managed that.  What happened to my son over the holiday was nothing short of a complete meltdown.  Thank goodness, we figured out why. Continue reading “A Christmas Meltdown Turns Into Christmas Miracle”

Podcast 03: Saying “No” is a Big “Yes”

Amy shares how parenting special needs children with developmental disabilities such as ADHD and ASD can make social outings challenging and that sometimes you need to say “no”, but you also need to create experiences you can say “yes” to.

Genetic Testing Using “Genesight”

Amy shares a genetic test her son with ADHD and ASD had done by his developmental pediatrician and how the results have helped shape her son’s treatment.

My son is 3 1/2 years old and diagnosed with a severe communication disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

For the last six months he has been on a roller coaster of medication trials to help get some of the ADHD symptoms under control.   He’s gone from Focalin, to Dyanavel, to Guanfacine with nothing seeming to be the right fit.  The Guanfacine offered the least side effects, but also the least results.  He is in a full-time Applied Behavior Analysis program and was so wired during the first half of the day that therapy was becoming a challenge.  He would then crash mid-morning and fall asleep which meant he was then missing several hours of therapy.

I called his developmental pediatrician and asked if we could discuss trying yet another medication.  She said she first wanted me to bring him in for a test called the “Genesight“. Continue reading “Genetic Testing Using “Genesight””

Podcast 02: Your Child is Special

In this episode, Amy tries to help parents of special needs kids move from thinking their child is just special needs, to believing their child is just special.



Podcast 01: At Peace

Amy shares the stages she went through as her son was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, then Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and ultimately Autism Spectrum Disorder.  From the initial feeling of being “Punched in the Gut”, then to the “Pushing Up the Sleeves” stage of learning everything you can, and finally to the “At Peace” when you have come to terms and accepted where your child is.  Amy hopes this podcast will help parents of special needs kids find that peace in their parenting journey.

A Letter of Thanks to My Son’s Autism Center

Amy shares a letter she wrote to thank the center where her son attends Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in hopes that parents of children with ASD will be more open to considering ABA therapy for their child.

December 17, 2018

To the Faculty & Staff of Applied Behavior Center for Autism,

When I got the call from the preschool where my son was attending and was told they couldn’t meet his needs anymore, I was devasted. At that point, he had been diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and ADHD. I knew he had learning differences, but I didn’t realize it meant he couldn’t be successful with his same age peers. As tough as it was to get that call, I now see it was a blessing because it brought us to Applied Behavior Center. Continue reading “A Letter of Thanks to My Son’s Autism Center”

Planning & Preparing for Excursions

Using real-world examples, Amy shares tips on how to prepare for a family outing with a child who has ADHD or ASD.

A few days ago we took our 3 1/2 year old son to the North Pole!  Well, not really but he certainly thought we did!  His current favorite movie is the Polar Express. A local train station puts on a holiday Polar Express themed event.  It begins with a live action show inside the station, followed by a very entertaining train ride complete with singers, dancers, and the big man himself, Santa!

My son has ADHD and ASD. As a result, outings for our family require a lot of planning and preparation.  For a long time we didn’t go out often, and that wasn’t good for any of us. It’s important for our family to be able to enjoy events in our community, going out to dinner as a family and visiting parks and zoos.  If you have a child with ASD or ADHD and have had difficulty in the past with family outings, don’t give up!  The following guidelines can help you and your child enjoy these special family moments again! Continue reading “Planning & Preparing for Excursions”