Podcast 04: Defining Your New Norm

Amy shares how having a child with a developmental disability, such as ADHD or Autism, means that you more than likely will have to redefine what normal looks like for you family.

Planning & Preparing for Excursions

Using real-world examples, Amy shares tips on how to prepare for a family outing with a child who has ADHD or ASD.

A few days ago we took our 3 1/2 year old son to the North Pole!  Well, not really but he certainly thought we did!  His current favorite movie is the Polar Express. A local train station puts on a holiday Polar Express themed event.  It begins with a live action show inside the station, followed by a very entertaining train ride complete with singers, dancers, and the big man himself, Santa!

My son has ADHD and ASD. As a result, outings for our family require a lot of planning and preparation.  For a long time we didn’t go out often, and that wasn’t good for any of us. It’s important for our family to be able to enjoy events in our community, going out to dinner as a family and visiting parks and zoos.  If you have a child with ASD or ADHD and have had difficulty in the past with family outings, don’t give up!  The following guidelines can help you and your child enjoy these special family moments again! Continue reading “Planning & Preparing for Excursions”

Eating with Autism: The Happy Dance

Amy shares a humorous, yet informative way she and her husband use ABA therapy strategies during mealtime.

My husband and I often call Barclay’s food preferences The Nursing Home Diet. Barclay prefers his food soft, bland and room temperature.  But the truth is, up to 80 percent of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), like Barclay, have issues related to eating. This is the result of numerous reasons such as sensory-related issues (aversions to flavors, textures, temperatures), side-effects of medications, and often a hypo-sensitivity to even being able to recognize the symptoms of hunger. Continue reading “Eating with Autism: The Happy Dance”